We are Situated in view of the Bay of Fundy, The Regent Motel has rooms to accommodate any size family or group. We are located just off Highways. Our family-owned and operated motel offers peaceful, friendly, comfortable and  affordable accommodations units.  We are just ten minutes away from uptown, Most of Attractions are with in 10-12 minute like Lancaster Mall, Dig by Ferry, Irving nature park,Reversing falls, NewBrunswick Museum, Rockwood park , Jet Boat Rides and lot more.

We serve a family business and welcome our guest as a family and make our clients feel homely. We have comfortable rooms and hearty services available. We have furnished rooms features amenities such as Free Wireless Internet, Microwave, Fridge and LCD TV with remote etc .Our reaonably priced rooms also include  free call to US/Canada from office,no ice charge,and children under 10 stay free with an adult and much, much more.We will be happy to see you in our Motel and would welcome you the best way we can.We have the best service in the town with very affordable rates. We are open seven days a week for the reservations and you can simply book with us from our website reservation link.

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  • Motel enterance

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  • Room with Queen Bed

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  • Motel's Outside View

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  • Office

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  • Room with Two D/Bed

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  • Room with Two Extra large Bed

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  • Room with queen size Bed

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  • Room with queen size Bed

    http://s3.amazonaws.com/reservation_engine/images/6832/DSC035166.jpg Dsc035166_thumb